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Bar FTSE university drinking games

Possibly the worst excuse for not mixing your drinks the Uni will ever offer you, bar FTSE works like the stock exchange so when everyone charges to the bar to buy a beer, the price something else will plummet... basically when you fancy a drink you can either choose to pay extra for what you actually fancy, or go with the cheap option and try something else!

How Bar FTSE works:

Prices in the union or pub will rise and fall depending on what drinks are being purchased at the time. So if Carling sales are high (say they are selling at £1.60), then the price of Stella may drop to, say to £1.25 from £1.50 as no one is buying it (hence its price goes down). Another example is if more Jack Daniels is drunk than Vodka, the price of Vodka will fall.

There are occasions when global Bar Markets change within the Union, resulting in Smirnoff Ice hitting a high and the price of VK bottles dropping to a low.

Remember to keep your eye on the screens in the union otherwise you could miss out on some fantastic offers! It's all about knowing what to buy & when - market crashes have never looked so good!

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Pub Golf - Rules & Score Card

Pub Golf - Rules & Score Card

pub golf beer

The object of pub golf is to drink your drinks in as few 'strokes' as possible. (A 'stroke' is continuously drinking until you either have to stop or the drink is finished)

Usually groups arrange a course of pubs and meet up dressed for golf, then head through town following some different rules or embarrassing games to play along the way and all meet up in a club at the end.

Rules along the way vary, but generally it’s a set drink or two in a pub and then move on to the next one with some fun antics along the way.

There are probably thousands of variations of the game, but often rules will be set before going out of having to put one hand on the bar while drinking, only pointing with your elbow and not your finger in a certain pub, toilet breaks only allowed at certain times... etc etc each with their own forfeit or points penalty.

An example score card would be:

#1 Pint of Bitter 3
#2 Vodka Mixer 2
#3 Pint of Cider 4
#4 Shot 1
#5 Pint of Lager 4
#6 Alcopop 2
#7 Pint of Guinness 5
#8 Glass of Wine 2
#9 Cocktail 3

Download a Word Version of the Pub Golf Score Card Here

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University societies

Join some societies!

Every university is going to have a number of strange societies which are great for socialising. Often they are just a fun chance for people to get together and have an excuse to drink a certain type of drink or listen to a certain type of music.

Yes, you may well wish to join the Harry Potter society to share your interest in Hogwarts (and yes there even is a society for that), but giving something new a try and having a laugh is always good. So think outside the box, there are some students that will join the pool society just because “well, people play pool in the pub” despite never having played the game.. and what better logic for joinging than that?

You will find a host of societies with stalls during the induction week so look out for the societies fayre and sports fayre.

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University freshers week

Cardiff freshers week / fortnight

It was out with the old and now with a bang it’s time for in with the new.

Serene, lazy days of summer explode into a week of buzz and laughter of the freshers.  Be it a week or fortnight depending on university allocations, this is when the newbies hit the ground running. The call to battle for places is over, the smoke has cleared to reveal that the call to enrol, to orientate and to party has been answered with complete enthusiasm. It’s time to move into Uni, discover you’re nearest yellowcard and just how cheap the student bar is!

Some may take longer than others to acclimatise to independent living, to pubs and clubs without mum and dad timing you home. Yes,this week is for new students to get settled into university, get to know their way around, enrol, join societies, make friends that may last a lifetime and enjoy some great cheap student nights out.
As new student you might want to do the odd  sensible thing like make sure you’re enrolled, choose your modules, sort out your NUS or Uni card, fine tune your digs and look for a part time job to keep those beans on toast bubbling on the table.

Freshers’ week is much more well known for the fun antics new students enjoy when celebrating getting away from home and embracing Uni life.
The fun side of it is students get the chance to explore the city and make some new friends. There’s a lot going on in the student union and freshers fair will be a great chance to sign up to societies, sports clubs and find out about some of the club nights and promotions going on to welcome all the new students.

Everyone will be giving you advice on how to enjoy yourself and some of the pitfalls to avoid, key to which is going to be budgeting and not blowing your loan all at once.

Cardiff Universities jargon buster sums up being a fresher and freshers week like this:

“Fresher (and Freshers’ Week) A first year student at a university. Freshers’ Week refers to the week before the start of the Autumn Semester. Usually new students will move into their Halls of Residence during the weekend before Freshers’ Week and spend Freshers’ Week enjoying social and registering with various clubs or societies. Students will meet their housemates and settle into their accommodation. There might be some introductory lectures for the courses studied and there will be plenty of time to get acquainted with a new city. Freshers’ Week, probably most renowned for its social activities, is designed to allow new students to get to know as many new people as possible and to acquaint them with the pubs, clubs and other social activities related to the union!”

A few tips from old students for making the most of freshers week:

  • Break old ties.. don’t plan on calling old friends every night, go out and make new ones!
  • Invest... in pub discount cards, yellow cards, pre-booking some of the big freshers events etc.
  • Join various societies.. you can always ditch the boring ones
  • Dressing gowns may not be cool but are essential for the constant 3am fire drills on campus as well as hangover day.
  • Tinned food and pot noodles, not healthy living but healthier than steeling your housemates pizza... remember the essentials with a budget in mind.

This all might seem a bit responsible, so just to let new students what their really in for we asked people to sum up Freshers on twitter, asking “with all the students coming, how would you sum up fresher’s week for them?”

Here’s some of the responses...

“Sex, drugs, alcohol and not remembering any of it!”

“A glorified piss up from what I’m”

“Getting sharked by final year students, buying too many posters, being judged in 6 seconds, beer and dancing, usually regrets”


“eye opening... in more ways than they ever believed possible”

“carnage every night”

“a hideous mess of pointless shenanigans that ruin your overdraft, but necessary!”

Freshers is sure to be carnage with everything from sophisticated events like the Freshers’ Ball to the MegaLash a full-on bar crawl.

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