Cardiff Casefile: Live Mystery Game


Cardiff Casefile: Live Mystery Game
Sat, 16. September 2017, 10:00 h - 16:00 h
Cardiff City Centre - ,
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12 SECRET LOCATIONS across Cardiff city centre will be taking part in this live mystery game for adventurers of all ages. Piece together the trail, question real witnesses and solve ingenious puzzles.

Casefile: The Mystery of the Star-Eaters is a one-day event where you play as a ‘consulting detective’ for the local constabulary. 

There is also a BEST DRESSED PRIZE for teams - A 100% REFUND ON YOUR TICKETS! The more creative the better.

Cardiff BID are proud to present this new live adventure game and have part funded tickets with an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE: CBID2OFF.

Tickets from as little as £7 per person - Under 12s go FREE!

Players will be able to collect their casefiles at any time in the morning from10am-12pm and begin their adventure by following the threads of information - wherever they may take them.

The game will take approximately 2-3 hours to play with players free to complete it at any time until 4pm.

A trail sheet is also provided for 4-8 year-olds that they can play alongside the main game.


The story so far...

Detective Inspector Ranney of the local constabulary has asked for your expertise with a difficult case. The disappearance of Professor Macclesbury, a university Professor who was researching hidden subterranean areas. The Professor was a well-connected man. With pressure coming down on the Inspector from the university and the local council and a pile of unsolved cases backlogged he’s brought you in to lend a hand. He’ll give you everything he’s got on the Professor in his case-file but the rest is up to you. Out of time and out of luck, he’s counting on you to help solve this mystery - but everything isn’t quite as it seems and a dark cloud of conspiracy hangs over the city. With twists and turns that include a thousand year-old legend and a mythical ancient treasure this is one adventure that you’ll never forget.



Some of the feedback received from previous events:

“This was a brilliant event, well organised. We really enjoyed the day. Well done, a fantastic event.” Susan Crossley, Buxton

“Awesome day.” Ben Whitnell, Norwich

“GREAT GREAT DAY Everyone was very informative and played their parts perfectly. Can’t wait for the next one.” Ann Wilkinson, Rugby

“A most excellent and interesting event, well done! #stareaters we did it.” Graham Wk, Lincoln


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