Cardiff Travel - Cardiff ‘Oyster’ Iff-Card for Cardiff Busses
Cardiff ‘Oyster’ Iff-Card for Cardiff Busses
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Cardiff Oyster Iff Card

Cardiff bus has now implemented its new “Iff” Card – essentially based on the same principals as the London Oyster card, it allows you to pay for travel in advance and thus cut out the necessity to pay the driver when hoping on and off busses.

The Iff Card does allow travellers to go into debt by £3 on it as a sort of safety buffer for if you get stranded or forgotten to top up. A bit like some of the pre-pay mobile schemes, and just like the mobile phone plans, it does need to be paid off next time you top up the Card.

Comments have been made on several sites about the implications of these cards, some comments suggesting that as we may be so close to touch free bank cards that this has been a bit of a premature move forward, whiles others suggesting the image of having a London style Oyster card system promotes the technological advancements of the city in general.

At present the £3 buffer zone is equivalent to 2 city journeys and application for the Iff Cards are available free through Cardiff Bus website where you can also see the full terms of use for the Cards:

Last Updated on Monday, 23 May 2011 23:23

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